What we do


Negotiating in Designing, Developing, building and installing high-end custom for client’s interior and exterior design.


Help our clients to get a preliminary plan drawn up with rules and regulations regarding their building project.


Developing the project contracts to agree with clients if working in consultancy and putting out to tender.


To develop &Â manage more about the process of how the capabilities of Itavi construction could work for the benefit of your building.

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Designing is a wonderful way to help your home or office meet your changing needs. We can manage your project from conception to perfection. Preparing an initial project brief that sets out in detail the ‘Problem’ to which the building design is the solution. Itavi design building services install and maintain the services that are needed to allow the building to do what it’s designed to. Itavi always Prepare a description that project design requirements and significant constraints, focusing on what the project needs to achieve.

Interior Design

If you’re looking to refresh your outdated kitchen or completely alter the floor plan or size of your existing space, Renovating requires a particularly high level of craftsmanship, in order match the existing conditions and flawlessly. We understand how new ideas can develop during construction and will work closely with you to modify your design and budget whenever such opportunities arise.

Exterior Design

Curb appeal makeovers, swimming pools, backyard retreats, courtyards and landscaping are all great ways to get more satisfaction from your property. Our projects often, and intentionally, include exterior elements. Bringing the outdoors in and vice versa is smart living. We can provide you a full compliment of outdoor design and function. We can also assist with plant selection and layout of landscape to compliment your home or office.

iTAVi Planning


Planning is a critical to the success of any construction project. Itavi organizes your Planning, Coordination, and Control of a project from beginning to completion. Based on each client’s need we do design planning of the project for their residential or commercial building in both interior and exterior design.  It involves paying attention to detail and developing a strong relationship with your subcontractors and owners. A helpful tool for any construction project is a scheduling program and utilizing a scheduling tool is the main method of planning for a construction project.



Consulting is imaginative, functional, and complimentary to your existing architectural cues when renovating. During our pre-design consultation we listen carefully to your needs and ideas first to realize what you exactly plan to accomplish. We will hear about the way you intend to use your new space. What your current space is missing and what your envisioned space includes helping you achieve the design solution and planning that fits you, your budget and goals.

iTAVI Consulting
iTAVi Building


A clean cover to build something great. New construction is peak of design opportunity and functionality. From additions to detached garages or home office/workshops to completely new dwellings, we enjoy creating new spaces!
Itavi has architectural and design partnerships to help guide planning and development. We approach each and every project with a new perspective and try to challenge ourselves to incorporate unusual or re purposed materials whenever possible. Itavi Contractors in Toronto and surrounded area pursuing a construction or renovation project. You’ll need a professional designer to lay out the logistics and details, as well as you need a qualified builder to oversee and complete the actual construction.


Residential Building

Itavi prides itself in offering customers a range of professional services in residential design, build, repairs and renovations. We work on the small projects to even complete custom homes. We also offer in house design consultations and project estimation services.

Commercial Building

We have completed numerous projects consisting of steel and/or wood framed single-story buildings. Skills include stucco, bricks, custom stucco moldings, architectural blocks, parking lots curbs, paving, site preparation, electrical and lighting, duct and conduits, landscaping and irrigation.

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    Itavi prides itself in offering customers a range of professional interior design in residential and commercial grades.


Our Process



Initial Design

Client Design Approval in Pricing and Sign Construction Contract

For a new project we prefer to meet the client for an initial no-obligation discussion. We like to share our general design philosophies and discuss about how these designs have been applied to previous projects. Would like to see if any images of architectural work that you admire.



Planning, Drawing the site and Locality Approval

We provide you a site plan for your architecture, Interior and Exterior, landscape architecture, document and a detailed engineering drawing such as building footprint, travel ways, parking, drainage facilities, sanitary sewer lines, water lines, trails, lighting, and landscaping based on your local rules.Â



Pre-Construction Conference and Consulting

This part of the job is the overall planning, Coordination and control of the project from beginning to completion for both residential and commercial buildings.

Scheduled plan


Material Selection Process and Scheduled plan for the process of building

We will do research about the best options for the material selection and purchasing process by presenting the samples and to choose the best in price and quality based on your budget.


Exterior Finishing

Exterior Finishing

Once you have approved the Material and the scheduled plan for the process of your building, we have procedure for monitoring applications to get feedback therefore, we can act as quickly as possible to increase the chances of positive outcome.

Interior Finishing


Interior Finishing

Programming for your interior space. We develop your interior plans with beautiful flooring, ceiling, electrical works, dry walls and what your interior needs to be accomplished your satisfaction.